Sunday, September 12, 2010

بهترین راه اصلاح رژیم جمهوری اسلامی نابودی آن است . به چه زبانی باید این را بگوییم ؟

خطابم به دوستان اصلاح طلب است : دوستان عزیز ، پزشکان هم در هنگام مداوای بیماران گاهی لازم می بینند که از یک بیمار - البته به رغم میل باطنی خودشان - قطع امید کنند . چگونه است که شما هنوز حاضر نیستید از این جنازه متعفن که سرتاپایش را کرم برداشته است قطع امید کنید ؟ بیمار شما دیگر قادر به ادامه حیات نیست و بزودی از بین خواهد رفت . این کتاب دعا را ببندید و به زایش یک زندگی نو در ایران بیاندیشید . ایران آزاد هیچ ارتباطی به جمهوری اسلامی نداشته ، ندارد و نخواهد داشت . از این امامزاده قطع امید کنید تا کور نشده اید . شفا ، جای دیگر است . بقول شاعر : ترسم که به کعبه نرسی اعرابی ... کاین ره که تو می روی به ترکستان است . والسلام


  1. مرگ جمهوري اسلامي حق مسلم ماست

  2. It is right but the main issue is what regim will come be instead. The shah regim wasn´t good . This is wrong way . The west model is not good too.

    It is need a regim based on Islamic traditional not 12 Imam but in Korans way in modern version . There people both have democratic rights for different thinking . But democracy have principals - as a seek dieyng patient with AIDS , let to die . Must there exist rules to prevent a society to go so long as West society , there no moral exist longer . phedophily , competition between whores ,first ladies ,Big brother show reality , gang bang is not democracy . To be first in corruption ,to be best in be lesbian ,homosexual ,to spread this culture ,.. to spread satanism ,vampires , massacre as joyful actions , to spread all thing around sexuality on this divergency version and build whole society to get peoples life shall based of to be fucked and be homo marriage as a modern society . No one know who is whoes father ,. A lady Ga Ga , sleep with every one ,the will be priest in name of prophets to get married homosexuality ,lesbian and transsexual. Women in the West are just a sex toy without to name human . A whore without limititaton. A Sara Palin a striptease want to be vice or president candidate . With what you can believe a whore can rule a country which is about to deal with billions of dollars , building, laws, criminality , democratic rightness , worth , life in all form of this existing .

    Muslims don´t need neither shahs nor Ayatollah but Koran is another thing .Dignity can no one get from neither Marxism or imperialism or Christianity or whore behavior . Christianity or Judaism is just tales from those never meet this prophets . And their messages on changed thousands times .

    Moral know in this world only is exist in best form in Koran , no Imama or tales from 5, 7 ,or 12 Imams . Imams are people like Khomaini . Religion is Gods word nor humans .

    Religion rules are based on natural lows not humans ,lesbian , brothels ,Intelligent services rule . Not based just get more money and spend .And ave collection of shoes ,cloth ,hats ,pipes , or use ,drugs, hashish ,marijuana , heroin ,morphine , opium ,doping ,. Whole life just be about to be first in even to eat more shit than others ,. ..